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  1. Fill out the form in the link “Site inspection and Quote Instructions
  2. List any additional items you wish to included in your quote.
  3. List any changes to our floor plans.
  4. Indicate approximately the position on the site where the house is to be built.
  5. Once forwarded to us we shall contact you.




  • This example is based on the ‘Callala’ which is our showhome located in South Nowra.

    * Site costs are based on a cleared site located in the Shoalhaven with good access and about 1.0 to 1.2m slope. Sewer and water located at the front of the block, and rainwater connected to a rainwater tank with overflow to street.


    This is  what a typical quote may look like





Lock-up Stage


Pre-payment $8,800.00
‘Callala’ to Lock-up Stage $113,300.00
Site costs* $15,000.00
TOTAL $137,100.00






Completion Stage


Pre-payment $8800.00
‘Callala’ to completion Stage $181,500.00
Site costs* $15,000.00
Sub Total $205,300.00
Less Painting (optional) $5,500.00
TOTAL $199,800.00